The Ultimate Manifesting Course

A 30 day manifestation course with daily strategies & alignment work to help you RAPIDLY manifest your big desires.




You've been having a difficult time manifesting any of the "big" desires you really want, whether it's more clients in your business, love, or money in the bank..

You wonder what you're doing wrong and are feeling frustrated about the process..

You're confused, overwhelmed and feel discouraged about what you want..

Some days you feel great about your desire manifesting, while other days you start to doubt it all..

You've been working on manifesting your desires for a while, with little progress..

You don't have an alignment practice in place and look to action as a way to make things happen..

You're sending contrary signals to the Universe, due to frustration..

You wish you knew EXACTLY what it would take to finally get the big thing you want!

It’s no secret that all of the above can make anyone feel discouraged, doubtful and confused about the manifesting process.

Even with all of the tips online and the thousands of coaches teaching about manifesting, it seems that there is still a disconnect.

We have been conditioned to believe that success is a struggle, that success is complex, that we have to be lucky and blessed to make things happen.

You can binge watch all of the Youtube videos and download the million freebies you want, and still find yourself struggling with manifesting.

Instead of giving up though, I want to present you with an opportunity that will change it all for you.

If you're currently struggling and feeling stuck with manifesting your desires, I have created the ultimate 30 day manifesting course for you.

I've created a system that works, because my system focuses on what truly is the key to having what you want, your energy and alignment.

You see love, it's not about doing more or forcing things to happen with action.

It's about making simple mindset and energetic changes in yourself...and then taking aligned action.

It's about making the process fun, easy and simple.

It's about engaging in processes that light you up.

It's about YOU and what's happening within you.

No matter what you are trying to manifest, this course will help you get aligned to your desires, so you can FINALLY become a vibrational match to everything you want.

More clients in your business? Money flowing in your bank? A soulmate? Health and happiness? The ability to travel and live how you want? Freedom & independence?

You'll get to experience all of that when you join in and feel the magic inside!




This course is for ANYONE who wants to manifest their big desires and improve their life using the universal Laws of Attraction.

This is a 30 day course filled with daily strategies, manifestation practices & alignment work to help you manifest your big desires.

Let me repeat: This course is for ANYONE and for ANY goal you want to manifest.

It doesn't matter what you are trying to manifest, because the principles are all the same.

Whether you're a coach trying to get more clients, a businesswoman trying to sell more products, trying to find love, wanting to manifest more money, wanting to improve your health or anything else, this course is for you.

This is NOT anther boring course teaching you a 5 step strategy on how to manifest love, or clients, or more money in the bank.

This is SOUL ACTIVATION to wake you up and bring you into rapid ALIGNMENT with the DESIRES, IMPACT AND MONEY you want to make.

This is about UP-LEVELING majorly into the woman you are meant to be.

No more fear. No more sabotage. Just pure aligned energy that will guide you and help you tap into your highest self.

You'll be so glad you joined this course, because you'll be using these techniques for DECADES to come.

You'll learn that manifesting what you want doesn’t take a lot of work, doesn’t take a lot time, and is easier when you have fun engaging in the process.

This is 30 days to come back home to yourself and get yourself into ALIGNMENT!

"I just want to thank you so much for creating the 30-day manifesting challenge, I reached day 30 yesterday! I started the challenge wanting to manifest moving into a new home, which has been a significant desire of mine for three years now. Upon following the daily exercises constantly and completing all assignments, on day 27 I received an email approving me to rent the property I desired the most, I was anxious about the whole process, but this goal of mine manifested just before completion of the challenge! I know this happened because I put the action and effort in to make it happen and I kept the faith, but ever since I started the manifesting challenge it helped to put me in vibrational alignment with my goal every single day, and to you I am so grateful for this. Thank you so much for creating such a useful and uplifting course, this will no doubt help so many people, because it is difficult to remain in a high vibration every day, but with your programme, this becomes possible. I looked forward to each new exercise and I intend to use this challenge to manifest more of my goals. Thank you Jacqueline, you are heaven sent!"

- Sarah W, past student



When you enroll, you'll get access to 30 consecutive days of alignment practices and principles to help you manifest your big desires.

First, you'll choose your manifesting target, so you have an exact goal you are aiming for (I'll help you pick a goal).

Then, each day for the next 30 days, I'll send you an alignment practice and strategy for each day.

There will be a different exercise to listen to and do every day, that's meant to activate your vibration and alignment.

For 30 days, you'll have a new lesson & assignment to complete each day.

You will get a video of me EVERY day explaining the new material. You'll actually get to hear my voice telling you what to do and how to apply each strategy.

Most practices take less than 10 minutes each and you can do them once per day. They are extremely powerful in elevating your vibration.

You'll show up consitently for 30 days and focus in on your desire, which will ultimately make it manifest in your reality.

Most people fail at manifesting because they AREN'T CONSISTENT.

They give up after a few days or a week after not seeing results. They fall back on strategies that don't work. They try to take action to make things happen.

We're not doing any of that in this course.

In fact, we're doing the opposite, as for 30 days, I'm helping you stay inspired, motivated and aligned to your desires.

With the wide array of alignment practices I will teach you, you'll be sure to find the few that really stick and make the difference.

The key to success in manifesting comes from trying different things and finding what best works for you.

Being willing to be in this course and practice having what you want is what it takes to manifest your big desires. You don’t have to do it for long before things start happening!

You'll also get lifetime access to this course and the ability to apply these principles to ANY desire of yours you want to manifest.

P.S. Anyone who enrolls will also get TWO bonus masterclasses (limited time deal that goes away when enrollment closes)!

Topics being covered in the course:

How to set an intention that manifests
Creating a powerful Vision Board
How to reframe negative thoughts/beliefs
How happiness is the key to manifesting
“Then What?” technique
"Visit your Vortex" technique
"Manifestation Evidence Log" technique
Self care
"Vibrational Drafting" technique
"Practice Receiving" technique
"Thought Pivoting" technique
"Scripting" technique
Self love list
Appreciation list
"Affirmations" technique
"Do Nothing" technique
"Visualization" technique
"Drop tolerations" technique
"Focus Wheel" technique
"Celebrate in Advance" technique
"Acting As If" technique
Activating the Vibration
"Amp it Up" technique
Guided meditations
"Future Gratitude" technique
"Give it Up" technique

& more!

Here are some other benefits of joining this course:

  • You'll learn a wide variety of practices and strategies to engage your manifesting powers
  • You'll develop an alignment habit (this is the critical piece most people are missing)
  • You'll learn which practices are best suited to your manifesting makeup
  • You'll have 30 days of practice engaging these skills, which will elevate your manifesting powers
  • You'll get to apply these skills to anything you are wanting to manifest
  • You'll develop confidence in yourself and your ability to manifest
  • You'll get my support and hear directly from me explaining the material (this would usually cost thousands)
  • You'll develop a clear cut system for manifesting
  • The energy in this course will improve every area of your life
  • You have lifetime access & can constanty come back to the course with new goals to manifest.

"From the moment I started the manifesting course, I knew that it was something special! The energy alone I felt from this course was enough to get me started on my journey. I felt so aligned and in tune with each lesson. I loved how there were 30 days to get through the program! I was able to listen to each exercise on my way to work in the mornings, which made all of my car rides better.

When I started this challenge, I set out to manifest a new job, as I was not happy at the one that I was at during that time. I kept sending in applications with no response. Midway through the challenge, I got an email requesting an interview for one of the jobs I was most excited for!! After a few weeks of interviews and going back/forth with them, I got the job!!! I couldn't believe it. This was all due to the challenge and Jacqueline helping me stay aligned and in tune with my goals.

I am so beyond grateful for you Jacqueline and can't wait to start the challenge again with new goals. This is a must buy for anyone who wants to actually learn how to manifest their goals. I've been in many courses with this topic, but none compare to this one. It's a no brainer - GET IN!"

- Sofie Vaner, past student



Hey gorgeous! I'm Jacqueline Kademian, a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Author and Business Coach.

If you've come across my work, you know I'm obsessed with helping others live out their dream lives. It's my mission to help you manifest your dream life and business.

For the past few years, I've wanted to create an experience that ANYONE can benefit from.

This course has been on my mind for years and I'm SO passionate about teaching women like you how to manifest their dream lives.

This course was created because most manifesting advice is too complicated, unrelatable and lacking in application. Much of the content out there complicates manifesting, when in reality, manifesting can be very easy.

I developed my own manifesting process, that I've used to manifest money, my soulmate, my Positive Soul business, money in the bank, friendships, ideal clients, confidence and more!

Through the Law of Attraction, I've completely changed my life for the better. I know what works. As a manifestation expert, I can tell you that the secret lies in taking it back to the basics. Creating the life of your dreams is so much simpler than you think.

With this challenge, you’ll be thanking yourself for enrolling into for decades to come, as these processes can be applied to anything you are trying to manifest.

Guiding you along the way, I'll show you how no manifestation is too big or small. Once you learn how to use your power, the possibilities are endless.

In fact, you are MEANT to have your desires babe. They are in your heart for a reason.

It's not the time to give up. It's time to learn a new way of thinking, being and doing. It’s time to unleash the calling that you are meant for more.

I am certain that you will highly benefit from this course, because of the certainty that I have in my methods and their ability to change the course of your life forever.

This type of support from me would usually cost in the thousands, but you get to get it at such a low price!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts right when you enroll! For 30 days, you'll get a new lesson! After the 30 days are over, you'll get lifetime access to all of the material.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Who will benefit from this course?
This course is for ANYONE. It doesn't matter what you are trying to manifest, because the principles are all the same. Whether you're a coach trying to get more clients, a businesswoman trying to sell more products, trying to find love, wanting to manifest more money, wanting to improve your health or anything else, this course is for you.
Do you run this course often? Is enrollment open?
Enrollment will close soon, so make sure you get in before the deadline expires! Enrollment only opens up 1x a year.
Will this course help me manifest any goal I have?
Yes! This course will work for any goal that you have in mind. The principles all work the same, which is the great part! You can repeat this course as many times as you want, with different goals that you want to manifest. It is a valuable investment.

If you’re still reading this, I can't wait to share with you the magic inside this course!

You might be asking yourself how things will be different this time… worried you might invest in “another program” and not see results.

I’m laying it all out for you. I’m making it easy on you, because I want you to be successful.

I'm teaching you what I wish I KNEW when I started to learn about manifesting.

As I stated earlier, this challenge will help EVERY aspect of your life. These alignment strategies can be used to manifest anything.

In fact, I've made this challenge extremely easy to get into, because I want everyone to engage in these practices.

This type of support and content from me would usually cost thousands, but for this first round, I'm sharing it with you all for only $97 USD right now.


WAIT! You also get 2 BONUS classes when you join during this enrollment period..

1. You'll get my Mindset Mastery Masterclass ($500 value) as a bonus!

Mindset Mastery is a masterclass designed to teach you the psychological + spiritual principles for breaking free from negative thoughts and learning how to have a positive mindset.

Once you learn the skills in this class, YOU will control your mind and design your thoughts. This will tremendously help you in this course. You can train your mind to be more positive, calm & centered, starting right now.

Expect to feel more positive, calm, confident, centered & in control. You will have a much greater understanding of your mind and how you hold the power. You will learn how to stop negative thoughts right when they first occur.

2. You'll get my Magnetizing Money Masterclass ($250 value) as a bonus!

Magnetizing Money is my never before released masterclass that teaches you how to manifest more money & financial abundance into your life.

This is an excellent bonus class that will teach you how to tune into the vibration of money, how to manifest more financial abundance in every aspect of your life, how to bring more money into your business/career & so much more!

If you want more financial abundance in your life and want to learn how to make manifesting money easy, this bonus class will teach you how to do so.




Join one of my favorite courses I've ever created!

I’ll be here to guide you and cheerlead you all along the way.

Come witness what happens when you decide to fully COMMIT to manifesting your dreams.

This offer IS time sensitive, as it will be open for a few days before enrollment closes (it won't be open until next year, don't miss out!)

  • 30 day course with daily lessons, strategies & assignments ($2000 value)
  • Mindset Mastery masterclass ($500 value)
  • Magnetizing Money masterclass ($250 value)


Get started now!